This is a page for any really random crack pairings I think up. It will also include slash and femslash if there is no evidence for them; if there is evidence they will be posted like any other. 

Organized in alphabetical order. On the "crack" side, look for the male name; on the "slash", just look. You can also hold down CONTROL (or CTRL) and press F to open the "Find" feature on your computer; type in the first part of the name you're looking for and it should find it for you on this webpage, along with a handy pairing you might like to use.


ASHXBRIGHT - Are they related in some way?
ASHXSQUIRREL - Oi. You lie. This is not crack.
BERRYXCINDER, HONEY, POPPY, HOLLY - These are all about the same thing.
BLACKXLEOPARD - Interesting thought, really. They're both snippy pretty often.
BLACKXTAWNY - Hmm...they fit better in my pea-sized brain than her and Rowanclaw. -gag-
BLACKXRUSSET - Makes sense to me. Doesn't it?
BRACKENXLEAF - This would make for some awesome angst if Sorrel found them...-thinking up a oneshot-
BRAMBLEXLEAF - Heehee. I actually like this idea. They're both rather mellow.
CLOUDXSORREL - This is what I get for looking through the Allegiances in Dark River.
DUSTXSAND - Oi. This is only a leetle crack.
DUSTXFERN - Oh, wait...(Yes, I actually wrote this. I left it for comic relief.)
FIREXCINDER - Squee! My fave. This is going on the site, actually...
JAYXPOPPY - He brought her back from the dead! That's gotta count for something!
JAYXWILLOW - That famous love-hate thing.
LIONXHAZEL, LIONXHONEY - They've both interacted with him affectionately...
THORNXLEAF - Awwww. My friend Purple-Arsenic said in Starlight they were on patrol together and flirting. Gonna have to check that one out.
TIGERXBLUE - She was awful devastated when she discovered his betrayal.


ASHXBRAMBLE - Oh, like you weren't thinking it. Was Brambleclaw jealous of Ashfur...or of Squirrelflight?
BARLEYXRAVEN - Who knows what these two get up to, all alone?
BRAMBLEXSTORM - They're good friends, and always, always happy to see each other.

CINDERXSAND - Seriously just thought of this one. I don't really like it, actually. Sandstorm and Cinderpelt?
DARKXTIGER - Heehee, this one makes me giggleh.
FIREXTIGER - This one is strangely popular, and I believe it to be unhealthy.
HOLLYXWILLOW, HOLLYXCINDER - She's close friends with both of them, and nothing interesting ever happens to Holly. I think this should happen.
SORRELXLEAF - Well, they are the best of friends.
SPIDERXBIRCH - Hmm, well, they did train together. I think.
SQUIRRELXTAWNY- Not bad, not bad. Their personalities are a lot alike.